Bed Bugs feed mainly on the blood of humans,  but also suck blood from other animals,  birds and bats.  Bed Bugs usually feed at night when people are asleep. The adult Bed Bug is brown and has no wings. It is about 1/4 inch long. The newly hatched bugs are almost colorless and similar to the adult except they are much smaller.


During the day,  Bed Bugs hide in cracks in the walls,  behind baseboards, wallpaper and pictures,  where parts of the bed are joined together around slats, around the tufts of the mattresses.  Bed Bugs are carried into homes in clothes,  second hand beds,  and bedding,  furniture, suitcases, or by other people.

Female Bed Bugs deposit 10-50 eggs at a time.  A total of 200-500 eggs can be produced per female.  Adult Bed Bugs can survive for 6-7 months without a blood meal and have been known to live in abandoned houses for 1 1/2 years. 



Silver Sun uses thermal heat remediation and steam to eliminate Bed Bug infestations!  We have found that ''HEAT'' is the best way to eliminate Bed Bugs. Most Bed Bug strands are becoming resistant to pesticides! There is no resistance toHEAT! 

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Hunter is a BED BUG sniffing dog he is highly trained in locating Bed Bugs and there eggs! for more info on hunter visit